Rug Cleaning Tips

Whether you’re trying to clean your rug yourself or have a professional cleaner do it, there are a few important tips to follow. Use warm water and mild dish soap to get the job done. Do not use hot water, as this may cause the fibers of your rug to shrink. Before using any cleaning solution, you should always test a small area first to ensure no color transfer. If your cleaning solution is causing any color bleeding, you should contact a professional rug cleaner.

To find the right carpet cleaner for your rugs, it helps to know their fiber type. Certain rugs are more prone to dirt and wear than others. It is best to rotate them every six months, especially if they are reversible. To get the best results, use small amounts of water to clean polyester rugs. Use a sponge or a cloth to scoop out any solid stains, as these can show signs of deep-rooted dirt.

For colorfast rugs, use a sponge or a paper towel. Use a cleaning solution that will not overwet the fibers, and make sure to rinse thoroughly. It is better to use a natural solution for rugs than a harsh cleaning product as soap can damage them permanently. Never use shoe polish or nail polish on your rug, as these will cause them to come off easily. A clean towel can be placed underneath the rug to prevent it from soaking up water.

Some rug cleaning services offer flat fees, for instance if you want a stain to be blocked, you can choose to add this service for an additional fee. For the same price, you may also want to consider getting a rug cleaning service that provides pickup and delivery. These services are often more expensive than traditional cleaning options, but they can keep your rug in great condition and the colors as vibrant as they were when you first bought it. Don’t let this step go to waste!

If you are not comfortable with steam cleaning your rug, you can also opt to have it professionally cleaned. Professionals will have the specialized equipment necessary to clean even the most expensive rugs. Rug cleaning professionals use cutting edge techniques and specialized equipment to clean rugs with extreme care and prevent them from becoming discolored or ruined. Professional rug cleaners also use specialized cleaning products to extend the life of rugs. It is advisable to clean your rug at least once a year, if not more often.

There are many factors that go into choosing a rug cleaning company. The biggest one is the quality of the work. A rug cleaning company that offers both convenience and quality is the best option. However, if you have a time crunch, you may prefer a rug cleaning company that will clean your rug on-site. Oxi Fresh is one of the most recommended options. It is best to choose a professional rug cleaning service if you want to get your rug cleaned quickly and professionally.