The Dentist at the Center of the Case

Dentist Jenkins is a Long Island auto locksmith in Trenton, NJ that enjoys working to resolve issues with cars. He received his start in the medical emergency room of a nearby hospital in New York City when he was summoned to resuscitate an unconscious man who’d stopped breathing on the street. From that point on, he has dedicated himself to helping others during times of need. In this case, he used his skills and expertise to help save the life of the man through skillful negotiations with the man’s insurance company.

Dentist Jenkins KY

Prior, to his arrest, Dentist Jenkins had worked as an oral surgeon at a well-known dental practice in Manhattan Beach. According to the Smoking Curl, a website that tracks celebrity news, the arrested dental malpractice specialist worked as an emergency dentist at a private practice in Manhattan Beach, California. The Smoking Curl reports that the man died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an improperly maintained gas fireplace. The Smoking Curl further states that the man suffered blunt force trauma to the head, resulting in brain damage that will require months of rehabilitation.

Prior to his death, Dentist Jenkins was devoted to educating the public about the hazards of endodontics and the importance of using only licensed endodontists in serious dental injuries cases. In many years, he had been known as a top-notch emergency dentist, performing work that would be difficult for an untrained person to do. For example, he had been trained to perform endodontic head and neck surgeries and he was certified in many years as a master plumber. By contrast, this man had no formal training in plant nutrition nor did he know enough about plant nutrition practices to know what the implications of his actions might be. As a result, many years ago he found himself in a lawsuit with a former patient who had felt she had been mistreated because her toothache failed to abate despite her taking numerous pain medications.

During the course of the litigation, it became apparent that Dentist Jenkins had actually been practicing non-endodontic techniques while he was performing the work that ultimately caused the woman’s toothache to persist. Because of this, he lost his license to practice dentistry in Kentucky and later in 2021 he was convicted of conspiracy to commit felony obstruction of justice, deprivation of civil rights, and aggravated battery. Because of his background, the FBI sought to revoke his medical license stating that his continuing practices posed a risk to patients and that he failed to provide the services necessary for patients.

As you can see, Dentist Jenkins’ medical career spanned many years and during his career he learned many things including plant nutrition and endodontics, but he failed to include plant nutrition and endodontics in his training when he went to school. This is something that most dentists should definitely learn but very few do. As mentioned earlier, he had a long and varied career that spanned many years. Also, his education focused on endodontics, which is an advanced skill that most dentists have not had to acquire in their career careers.

If you are interested in learning more about Dentist Jenkins KY and his case, please continue reading below. He discusses his education, his career, the plant nutrition issues involved, and what his services offered were before he went to law school. You will also learn about the various services offered by the Dentist at the time of his arrest and after his conviction as well as what he has been doing since his conviction. This information can help prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future for other people and help to ensure that they receive quality care.