Veterinarian Clinic in Long Beach CA

If you live in Long Beach CA, you’ll need a good vet clinic near you. Luckily, there are many veterinarian clinics in the area that are both affordable and reliable. These clinics will provide your pet with excellent care and will help you keep your pets healthy. You can even earn cash back on your vet bills when you pay with Sincere.

Belmont Shore Veterinary Hospital

Belmont Shore Veterinary Hospital, a Veterinarian Clinic in Long Beach CA, offers a variety of services for animals. The hospital provides pet care and wellness checkups, vaccinations, surgical and dental procedures, as well as behavioral and nutritional counseling. Their staff has over 40 years of experience and is dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pet. They also offer a spay and neuter voucher program for pets. You can apply for the voucher at any of the ACS offices with proof of residence, or call them at (562) 570-PETS to receive one by mail. This is a great way to save a life!

Spring Animal Hospital

Whether your pet needs routine wellness checks, dental care, internal medicine or senior care, you can count on Spring Animal Hospital to give them the best veterinary care in Long Beach.

Practice manager Melissa Crockett has been in the veterinary field for over 15 years starting out as a technician assistant/receptionist then progressing to a management role. She earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager designation and co-founded the North Orange County Veterinary Hospitals group to help other managers grow in their profession.

Long Beach residents who own cats or dogs are eligible for a pet-licensing amnesty program. It applies to people who live in one of the city’s Community Development Block Grant-designated areas and waives fees for first-time pet license applications and late renewal penalties.

Bixby Animal Clinic

Bixby Animal Clinic is a top notch veterinary facility located in Long Beach. It specializes in small animals and has a spay and neuter program that is as painless as it is convenient. Its website is littered with a myriad of informative pages about pet care, vaccinations and more. Its state of the art facilities are located at a convenient location on the cusp of downtown Long Beach and Signal Hill. Besides the top of the line technology, the most impressive thing about this facility is their commitment to making pet care affordable for even the most financially challenged of us.

Evening Pet Clinic

The veterinarians at this veterinary clinic work closely with pet owners to provide personalized care. They carry out wellness exams to create baselines for your pets, check them regularly for changes in their health, and administer vaccines.

They also offer dental care services, helping to treat symptoms like oral bleeding and bad breath. The facility also offers nutritional counseling and allergy treatment.

The facility has a team of seven veterinarians who undergo continuing education to keep up with newer veterinary medical trends. They also perform surgical procedures on pets of all kinds and species.

Long Beach Animal Hospital

Long Beach Animal Hospital is a pet friendly vet clinic with a great staff and a nifty facility. They offer a wide range of services, including routine veterinary care, surgical procedures and pet dentistry. The staff is friendly and efficient, and they provide a level of service rarely found in this day and age. This is also a great place to find out about pet insurance or pet adoption options. The clinic also specializes in emergency services, with same-day appointments available to those who need it most.

If you are looking for a Veterinarian Clinic in Long Beach CA that makes the cut, Long Beach Animal Hospital is where you should start.