What You Need to Know About Appliance Repair in Fresno CA

Whenever you have an appliance that breaks down, you need to take care of the problem as soon as possible. Whether you’re getting a new one or you’re looking for repair services, there are several factors you need to consider. This includes cost, age of the appliance, nature of the repair, and licensing requirements.


Depending on the type of appliance, the cost of appliance repair can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The average cost of a refrigerator repair is estimated to be between $200 and $400.

While the cost of appliance repair is often high, there are several ways to get it fixed at a much cheaper price. One method is to purchase a home warranty. This service will cover many of the most common repairs. The premium that you pay will depend on the type of home warranty that you buy, but it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Another option is to use an independent repair shop. They will offer more personalized services than you can find from a manufacturer. These companies can be found on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Craigslist.

Age of the appliance

Having the ability to determine the age of your appliance is an important tool for any homeowner. Not only can you find out when it was installed, but you can also learn when you might be able to repair it instead of replacing it. Often, it is cheaper to fix your appliances than to replace them.

One way to determine the age of your Appliance Repair in Fresno CA is to look at the serial number. This is a series of numbers that identifies the age of the appliance and the manufacturer. These numbers are decipherable for most manufacturers.

Most major appliances are expected to last 8 to 15 years. When you find an appliance that is more than halfway through its lifespan, it is time to consider replacing it.

License requirements

Obtaining a license to perform the tiniest of tasks is no small feat. While you may be well aware of your jurisdiction’s licensing requirements, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that a license in one municipality may be equivalent to a license in another. Fortunately, Business Licenses, LLC, offers services to all 50 states and several territories. Whether you’re looking to get a Small Appliance/Electronics Repair License, a Secondhand Dealer General License, or an Electronics Store license, our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals will handle your application, filing, and registration tasks with the utmost professionalism.

To obtain the aforementioned license, you’ll need to fill out an application, which can be obtained from the local licensing office or online. The application itself is simple and straightforward, but you’ll need to provide some background information about your business, including your name, address, and phone number. A representative will contact you within two business days to set up a meeting. After a quick discussion, they’ll walk you through the entire application process, answering any questions you might have along the way. Afterward, you’ll receive a certificate of approval, as well as a bill of lading, if you choose to take your business to the next level.

Extended warranties

Whether you’re purchasing a new appliance or are simply concerned about the repair costs of your existing ones, extended warranties for appliance repair can be a good idea. They cover the costs of repairs and replacements and give you peace of mind.

Before you decide to purchase an extended warranty, it’s a good idea to find out exactly what the coverage will include. Some will cover the cost of labor and parts while others will only pay for accidental damages. You may be asked to pay a deductible before you can file a claim.

Some stores will offer an extended warranty that combines the manufacturer’s warranty with a third-party policy. In this case, you will be directed to a service technician who specializes in the brand and model of the appliance.